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A piano duo with concert pianists Tonya Lemoh and Cathrine Penderup, both soloist graduates. Together they have performed in Denmark and Australia, and they made their first cd together in 2014; "Souvenirs", which has received numerous good critics.

The next project is a cd with works by Gade, Schubert and Schumann, due to be published in 2017 to celebrate the 200th birthday anniversary of N. W. Gade.

Duo Capriz

Duo Capriz is a piano duo consisting of Anna Tomczak and Cathrine Penderup. They started playing together in 1998, and have throughout their studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Music received lessons from Miroslaw Herbowski, Nina Gade, Tove Lønskov and Bohumila Jedlickova.

They have participated in a masterclass with the piano duo Yarra Tal/Andreas Groethuysen, who has encouraged them to undertake further studies with them in Munich. 

They have given concerts in Norway and Denmark, and their program consists of works both for two pianos, but also for four hands, one piano.


Two Pianos:

J. Brahms:                           Variations over a Theme by Haydn, opus 56b

C. Debussy:                         En Blanc et Noir

W. Lutoslawski:                    Pagannini Variationer

W. A. Mozart:                       Sonata D major

F. Poulenc:                           L’embarquement pour Cythere

                                           Concerto d minor


S. Rachmaninoff:                  2. Suite, opus 17

D. Sjostakovich:                   Suite, opus 6

One Piano:

L. van Beethoven:                Sonata D-major, opus 6

S. Barber:                            Souvenirs, opus 28

J. Brahms:                           Hungarian Dances WoO1

  Walzer, opus 39

E. Satie:                              Trois Morceaux en Forme de Poire

G. Gershwin:                        Rhapsody in Blue

N. W. Gade:                         Opus 4 & 18

E. Grieg:                              Norwegian Dances, opus 35

F. Liszt:                               Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2

F. Schubert:                         Phantasy f minor, opus 103

Duo Saxifraga

Duo Saxifraga is saxophonist Sarah Vibe-Petersen and pianist Cathrine Penderup. They both hold a soloist exam and started their ensemble in 2006. Their repertoire contains both original and transcribed works; the originals being mainly from the 20th century due to the newer origin of the saxophone. Of transcriptions, they have especially chosen works from the Romantic and Baroque periods. 

They have performed both as soloists and in other ensembles, and with the Duo Saxifraga they will try to open up for the universe of beautiful sounds, which a saxophone and piano together can create. They wish to give the audience an experience beyond the extraordinary.



This duo originated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, where the soprano Iben Vestergaard www.ibenvestergaard.dk and Cathrine Penderup studied together. It did not take long before they developed a common musical tonal language. Since then they have continued working together, giving numerous concerts both in Denmark and abroad.

They have a broad repertoire containing also less known works.

In 2007 they recorded a cd with songs and romances by Emma Hartmann, 1807-51, the wife of the Danish composer J. P. E. Hartmann.

Next project, a double cd with Nordic and German songs by the son Emil Hartmann (1836-98), was published in 2010.

Van der Pals/Penderup

This ensemble with cellist Tobias van der Pals www.vanderpals.comstarted in 2008, when Copenhagen Concert Society had their opening concert. Since then they have played several concerts together, including Copenhagen Summer Festival and for the remake of Blaagards church into a culture center.

They both had their debut from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, and as soloists they have performed in most of Europe and in cities in Asia and Australia. Their repertoire is mainly concentrated about the Romantic period, but also includes Baroque and the 20th century.

In 2011 they released the cd Leopold van der Pals, Works for cello and piano. Leopold is a great uncle to Tobias, and this cd is the first official recording of his music. More will follow......

Another project coming up is with the composer Thomas Agergaard www.thomasagergaard.com. He will compose 10 Aphorisms for the duo, which is planned for recording in 2012.

Booking og information - piano@cathrinependerup.dk